Thursday, September 8, 2016

Underrated Rock Band: Morphine

   If you are a fan of rock, blues and jazz, well i have good news for you! This band has it all, they found a way to fuse all three genres and produce the most divine sound you have ever heard. Unquestionably one of the most underrated rock bands from the '90s.

So...who were Morphine?

 Morphine was an American rock band originally formed by Mark Sandman, Dana Colley and Jerome Deupree in 1989. They produced 5 successful studio albums but not all of them were produced by the same squad. While working on their first album, Jerome had health issues and had to be replaced by Billy Conway to play the drums. Jerome eventually returned for the debut album and went on a tour with the band through California. Even though the project was successful Mark and Jerome had some personal differences which led to Jerome's abandonment and short return to the band for the second album in 1993. After the second album he left the group again and came back in 1998, in the bands final years.

 Sadly they didn't succeed recieving bigger commercial support and weren't able to go a step forward in the rock industry, which led to their limited expousre to the public in USA. However, they had surprisingly big popularity outside of USA, especially in Australlia and Europe.

 The band was disbanded in 1999 after the shocking death of Mark Sandman while performing on a stage in Italy.


2.The Saddest Song
4."Have a Lucky Day
5.You Speak My Language
6.You Look Like Rain
7.Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave
9.The Only One
10.Test-Tube Baby/Shoot'm Down
11.The Other Side
12.I Know You (Part I)
13. I Know You (Part II)

3.I'm Free Now
4.All Wrong
6.A Head with Wings
7.In Spite of Me
9.Cure for Pain
10.Mary Won't You Call My Name
11.Let's Take a Trip Together
13.Miles Davis Funeral

3.Yes (1995)
1.Honey White
6.All Your Way
7.Super Sex
8.I Had My Chance
9.The Jury
11.Free Love
12.Gone for Good
1.Lilah (instrumental)
3.I Know You (Pt. III)
4.Early to Bed
5.Wishing Well
6.Like Swimming
7.Murder for the Money
8.French Fries w/Pepper
9.Empty Box
10.Eleven O'Clock
11.Hanging on a Curtain
12.Swing It Low

5.The Night (2000)
1.The Night
2.So Many Ways
4.Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
5.Like a Mirror
6.A Good Woman is Hard to Find
7.Rope on Fire
8.I'm Yours, You're Mine
9.The Way We Met
10.Slow Numbers
11.Take Me with You

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